Super purple haze Hemp Flower


Super purple haze Hemp Flower SPHHF


Buy The Best Hemp flower at cheap prices -Super purple haze hemp flower from Ireland

Super purple Haze is famous for its intensive Haze flavor. Compared with a sweet Skunk taste, Haze and Northern Light it seems like magic.

This triple experience is following with its an energic effect which is optimal for working, studying even sport. It is perfect to treat headache, migraine and all state of fears






Swiss cbd buds from the UK-Super purple haze hemp flower From Ireland that is less than 0.2% – The Best CBD Flower Ireland in 2021

Purple haze CBD is a cross between Haze and Northern Lights, producing a delicious tasting CBD Flower with high CBD and zero THC. The strain was first introduced by Sensi Seeds, with the “purpler” part of the name coming from the shiny crystals that cover the buds.

Purple haze CBD Flowers in Ireland are Sativa dominant, smooth, and light in taste, with a mix of earthy and sweet flavors. The smell is a pleasant combination of spicy, earthy, and citrus.

This strain is teeming with vitamins, minerals, and terpenes that are bred to have a positive effect on your health, mentally and physically.

Benefits of purple haze CBD Flowers – The best quality CBD from Ireland this year

There are numerous benefits to this strain of hemp flowers. It is commonly used to help reduce anxiety symptoms and stress, pain relief, and it may also provide relief from nausea.

It is great for helping lull you into a relaxed sleep, so if you suffer from insomnia, these flowers are a great buy. It is non-psychoactive and can help lift your mood if you’re feeling down.

It will give you a more positive outlook on life and can help boost creativity.

How To Use purple haze CBD Flowers 

Purple haze hemp flowers are ideal for your dry herb vaporizer, smoking, to enjoy in a cup of tea or as an addition to your favorite recipes.

You can consume these flowers at any level and quantity you like.

It is important to note that even though Silver Haze hemp flowers look like your typical cannabis plants that contain psychoactive elements these particular strains have been grown to make sure that they are legal across Europe and the UK. Order yours today!

Ingredients: 100% pure cannabis

The Best CBD flowers from Europe -Buy Wholesale Hemp Flowers from Europe in 2021

CBD Hemp Flower.  Marvelous the only CBD remake ever made till now. The classic Super Silver Haze was intended in the ’90s. It was crossed with Haze, Northern Lights #5, and Skunk #1. CBD Flower Shop

This strain was crossed with our CBD Strain which kept the optical characteristics. This Sativa dominated has a great Haze and Indica influence.

With 21 % CBD, it is perfect to make hashish, oil, or other hemp products like edibles.

CBD: 21.21 %
THC: < 0,16 %

Terpenes: Caryophyllene, Linalool, Myrcene, Limonene, Humulene, Pinene

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    Henry Attridge

    friendly and informed staff, very happy the products

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    Zeb 1975

    Customer service and knowledge on point. Product choice was plenty

  3. 5

    Eamonn Gough

    I first used this company when I lived in Shoreditch and they first opened. Having since moved, I still come back to go to the NV store even though other companies are much closer. Very friendly, very honest and very helpful. A great success story and I’m very happy for them.

  4. 5

    M N

    I don’t tend to write many reviews but this place was amazing!! I’ve only recently started using CBD, using the oils mainly. I walked into this shop and was astonished by the range of products and the different ways that CBD can be administered. The products that they have to offer are plentiful and you can get anything from bath bombs to CBD superfood! Moving onto the customer service, I was shown around and got provided with very insightful knowledge from all the products they had by Idriz and Jos, where they explained what product is best for my uses. They were very very knowledgable and you could tell they’ve been in the industry for a while. I ended up purchasing a whole load of things so I can see what works best for me, but the price ranges of the products were very very reasonable and cheaper than what I’m used to. Not to mention that the decor and aesthetics both inside and out are fantastic. There’s a huge moss wall which makes for a great Instagram shot! Great stuff!!!!

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    Hibi Racs

    Staff were extremely knowledgable and helped me find the right product. Highly recommend if you want to find out more about CBD and find suitable products.

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    Jordan Harry

    Their products have empowered my mum to keep living her active life!

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